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If you’re in search of the finest orthopaedic care in Jaipur, look no further than Dr. SS SONI. As the leading orthopaedic doctor in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Dr. SS SONI brings exceptional expertise and a sterling reputation for delivering top-notch orthopaedic solutions.  

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for patient well-being, Dr. SS SONI ensures you receive the highest quality orthopaedic care available in Jaipur. Whether you're dealing with joint pain, fractures, or any orthopaedic concern, trust Dr. SS SONI to provide personalized, effective, and compassionate treatment. Being the best orthopaedic in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Dr SS Soni is well equipped with the best and latest equipment and he has a team of experienced doctors who make sure that proper care and treatment must be given to every single patient through research and surgical expertise.
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Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Jaipur | Dr. SS SONI

Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Jaipur Dr. SS SONI


(Senior Consultant, Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy)

Dr. SS Soni is the most recommended orthopaedic doctor in Jaipur on all Popular online platforms.

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Treatment Provided By Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Jaipur

Orthopaedic in Jaipur offer a comprehensive range of specialized medical treatments to address a variety of joints and knee pain health issues in both men and women.



Knee replacement treatment, or knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves replacing damaged or worn-out components of the knee joint with artificial implants to relieve pain and improve function. Our Knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur, ensure lasting comfort and a better quality of life with using knee replacement procedures.



Shoulder replacement, or shoulder arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure to replace a damaged shoulder joint with artificial components, relieving pain and restoring function for individuals with severe shoulder conditions.



Hip replacement, or hip arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves replacing a damaged hip joint with artificial components to relieve pain, improve mobility, and enhance hip function. It's often used for severe hip arthritis.

ANKLE FOOT treatment


Ankle and foot treatment involves medical care and surgical procedures to address issues such as fractures, sprains, tendon injuries, deformities, and arthritis, aiming to restore function and alleviate pain.

HAND WRIST treatment


Hand and wrist treatment encompasses medical and surgical interventions for conditions like fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon injuries, and arthritis, with the goal of restoring hand and wrist function and alleviating pain.

NECK SPINE treatment


Neck and spine treatment focuses on medical and surgical approaches to address issues like herniated discs, spinal deformities, and spinal injuries, aiming to alleviate pain and improve spinal function.

Why Choose Dr. SS Soni as Your Best Orthopaedic in Jaipur?

When it comes to your bone and joint health, you deserve the best care available. Dr. SS Soni brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of Orthopaedic.

Here's why you should choose Dr SS Soni:-

Expertise – Dr SS Soni is a highly trained and board-certified orthopaedic doctor in Jaipur with more than 10 years of experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of orthopaedic conditions.


State-of-the-Art Technology – Dr SS Soni is equipped with the latest advancements in orthopaedic technology as he is the senior consultant & Head in Rajasthan Hospital , Jaipur. Ensuring precise diagnoses and effective treatments.


Personalized Care – Dr. SS Soni takes the time to listen to your concerns and provides personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.


Complete Services – From Knee replacement and joint issues to pain and injuries, Dr SS Soni offers a complete range of orthopaedic services in Jaipur to address all your concerns.

Dr SS Soni believes in treating his patients with empathy and respect. Your comfort and well-being are his top priorities, making him the top & the best orthopaedic doctor in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


What our patient says about Dr SS Soni

Yuvrai Rathore
Tushar Sharma Jaipur

Dr. SS Soni is an exceptional orthopedic doctor in Jaipur. His expertise and care transformed my life. He explained my condition thoroughly, offered multiple treatment options, and performed a successful surgery with minimal pain. His compassionate approach and dedication to patient well-being make him a top-notch specialist.

Dhruv Rajwat
Sunny sharma Banglore

Dr. Soni is a remarkable orthopedic doctor in Jaipur. He's a true professional who combines expertise with genuine compassion. He diagnosed my issue accurately, discussed treatment options clearly, and provided outstanding surgical care. Thanks to him, I've regained mobility and am pain-free. Dr. Johnson's dedication to patients is truly commendable.

Khushi Delhi

I am incredibly grateful to Dr. SS Soni, my orthopedic doctor in Jaipur. He exhibited immense knowledge and skill in treating my knee injury. Dr. SS Soni patiently answered all my questions, guided me through rehabilitation, and ensured my full recovery. His caring demeanor and competence make him the go-to specialist for orthopedic concerns.

Jagat Singh Delhi

Dr. SS Soni is a top-notch orthopedic doctor in Jaipur. His expertise and attentiveness are truly commendable. He accurately diagnosed my shoulder problem, discussed treatment options thoroughly, and performed a successful surgery. His dedication to my well-being was evident throughout my recovery. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking orthopedic care.

Amit Sharma Jaipur

I want to express my deep appreciation for Dr. SS Soni, my orthopedic specialist in Jaipur. He is a true expert in his field. Dr. SS Soni not only diagnosed my spine condition accurately but also provided a tailored treatment plan that has significantly improved my quality of life. His kindness and commitment to patient care are truly exceptional.

Vansh Jaipur

Dr. Soni is an exceptional orthopedic surgeon in Jaipur. His extensive knowledge and compassionate care made a profound difference in my life. He thoroughly explained my hip condition, presented various treatment options, and performed a successful surgery that has restored my mobility. His dedication to his patients is truly remarkable, and I highly recommend him for orthopedic concerns.

Ashish Jaipur

He is a standout orthopedic doctor in Jaipur. I had a complex knee issue, and his expertise and thorough approach were remarkable. He took the time to educate me about my condition, provided multiple treatment options, and executed a precise surgery, resulting in a significant improvement in my mobility. His compassionate care and commitment to patients are truly exemplary.

Chandan Rathore Jaipur

He is an outstanding orthopedic specialist in Jaipur. His knowledge and dedication are unmatched. He accurately diagnosed my spine problem, explained treatment options comprehensively, and performed a flawless surgery that greatly improved my life. Dr. Soni 's unwavering commitment to patient well-being and his caring nature make him a top choice for orthopedic care. Highly recommended!

Anil Jaipur

Dr. SS Soni is an exemplary orthopedic doctor. His expertise and genuine concern for patients are evident in his practice. He diagnosed my knee injury accurately, discussed treatment options thoroughly, and performed a successful surgery. Dr. Soni' attentive care throughout my recovery was reassuring. I wholeheartedly endorse him for anyone seeking top-tier orthopedic treatment.

Jatin Jaipur

I can't express enough gratitude for Dr. Soni, my orthopedic specialist. His professionalism and empathy were exceptional. He diagnosed my shoulder issue precisely, explained treatment choices thoroughly, and conducted a successful surgery. His unwavering dedication to patient well-being and his caring approach make him an exemplary orthopedic doctor. Highly recommended for anyone in need of orthopedic care.

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Dr. SS Soni is renowned for his expertise, vast experience, and a track record of successful orthopaedic treatments in Jaipur.

Timing to consult with Dr SS Soni are from 5 AM to 7:30 PM, from Monday to Saturday.

Dr. SS Soni specializes in treating a wide range of orthopaedic conditions, including joint pain, fractures, sports injuries, arthritis, and more

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. SS Soni is easy. You can either call our clinic at 8696565176 or use our online appointment form on our website.

Dr. SS Soni is known for his exceptional expertise, personalized care, and commitment to patient satisfaction. He uses the latest techniques and technologies to ensure the best possible outcomes.

You can explore our website, read patient testimonials, and follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest news and developments related to Dr. SS Soni and our orthopaedic practice in Jaipur.

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